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Best In Ear Earbuds Earphones India 2020 | Buy On Amazon

  • Best In-ear TWS Bluetooth earphones
  • Multi Function Buttons For Media Control
  • Bluetooth 5.0 With 10 M Range
  • Charging Case Battery 400 mAH
  • Light Weight In Ear Headphones
  • Fit perfectly
  • Model Name : Bassbuds Lite
  • Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops
  • HD Rendring Technology
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Voice Assistant Support
  • Best In Ear Earbuds Earphones India 2020


Best In Ear Earbuds Earphones India 2020

Article About : Best In Ear Earbuds Earphones India 2020

PTron Bassbuds Lite in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The product quality of PTron Bassbuds Lite in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Headphone is good and these earbuds are designed in awesome look. So, it can be considered as Best In Ear Earbuds Earphones India 2020. It comes with True Wireless Earbuds technology. This technology allows your earbuds to transfer good quality crystal clear audio.


This TWS earbuds technology is a universal TWS technology. By this technology your earbuds connects with your bluetooth gadgets smoothly and instantly. It takes only 2 seconds to connect with each other and gadgets. The sound cancellation of this device is pretty fine and a rubber is given on these earbuds which restricts external sounds for distrubance free sound experience. In this pair of earbuds Left and Right mentioned so you can wear these headphones comfortably.

PTron Bassbuds Lite earbuds comes with Bluetooth v 5.0 with 10 M range. With this technology this earbuds becomes truly TWS earbuds and Best In Ear Earbuds Earphones India 2020. By bluetooth 5.0 you have to freedom from your phone within 10 meter range. The connectivity of this device is smoothly, steady and disturbance free. It has faster pairing and lower power consumption technology. This will ensure you experience of stereo calling. No disturbance will occur in the range of 10 meter (33 ft.) and fastly connects with your smartphone, iPad, Mac, tablets etc. Bluetooth 5.0 v does not mean that it will not pair with lower versions of bluetooth devices. It will also connects with lower versions of bluetooth devices.

This earbuds set have two earbuds. One is a primary and another is secondary earbud. Primary earbuds automatically paired with secondary. You can also easily pair these earbuds with your bluetooth enabled devices like smartphones, Apple iPhone, iPods, Mac etc.


Buttons are also given to control media. You can use these buttons for accepting or rejecting calls, fast forward or rewind the music. You can choose either one earbuds for calling. For this two modes are given Stereo Mode and Mono Mode. This gadget can be carried easily because there is no hassle of tangled wires due to its wireless feature.

PTron Bassbuds Lite Headphones comes with strong battery life. The charging case is provided with 400 mAH battery. 50mAH battery given in each earbud. You can charge your bluetooth earphones with this charging case. According to brand it gives 6 hours Music Time. It also comfortably fits in your ears so you can enjoy music during cycling, jogging, and exercise. So, this phone can be considered as Best Affordable Wireless Earbuds India 2020.


In this earbuds set display digital meter is not given so how will you know that your earbuds are charging? So, answer is that when your earbuds will be charging led light flashes in your earphones. It will give you red light indication as charging. When it will be fully charged it will gives you a blue light indication and LED flashes off automatically.

PTron brand gives 1 year warranty on this Best In Ear Earbuds Earphones India 2020. 

Specifications : 10mm dynamic drivers, in built mic given, 50 mAH Li-Polymer battery in earbuds and 400 mAH Li-Polymer battery in this charging case, Quick Charging, Light Weight earbuds, Excellent pairing with Bluetooth v 5.0, 6 Hours battery backup.

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